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Specialty Grounding Applications in Calgary

Grounding for electrical and electronic systems isn’t always as simple as installing a single ground rod or plate, or merely bonding to the metallic water piping. Where more extensive grounding is required (e.g., for a data centre, radio tower, or substation), a full ground loop or grid may be more appropriate. Grounding systems may also need to be installed on bedrock, as can be the case in mountainous regions, or below excavations for high-rise buildings with buried parkades below.

Whether you need a low resistance electrode system for a signal reference ground, or an enhanced ground grid in poor soil conditions, DLP’s trained technicians can meet the needs of your specialty grounding project. Give us a call to receive an estimate on our services.

Selected Projects:

  • Telus Sky, Calgary, AB
  • 6th & 10th Residential Tower, Calgary, AB
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