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Lightning Masts, Poles, and Catenary Wire Designs and Installations

Standard Franklin rod systems may not provide the desired level of protection in locations containing explosives, flammable materials, or critical electronic systems. For these applications, elevated, pole-mounted lightning rods or catenary wires can provide wide-area protection while keeping damaging current safely away from dangerous compounds and components. Open areas not enclosed by a structure, such as fuel storage yards and munitions staging areas, can also benefit from this type of system.

DLP’s staff has the equipment and experience to install augured foundations, screw piles, utility poles, and overhead wires. Find out how we can help to protect your most sensitive products and equipment today!

Selected Projects:

  • Surrey Biofuel Processing Facility, Surrey, BC
  • Millar Western Bioenergy Effluent Plant, Whitecourt, AB
  • Pinebrook Wastewater Treatment Plant, Calgary, AB
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