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Lightning Protection Inspections in Calgary

All of the major North American lightning protection standards call for periodic reviews of installed systems to ensure their continued functionality. Most systems should be inspected at three- to five-year intervals, while those protecting explosives, flammables, or mission-critical facilities should be inspected yearly. DLP’s LPI-certified inspectors are ready and able to assist you in maintaining the effectiveness of your lightning protection system.

For an additional peace of mind, we also offer third-party certifications of installed systems through the Lightning Protection Institute Inspection Program. The LPI-IP has partnered with a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) to provide inspections of systems throughout the continent, and a professional engineer reviews all relevant project documentation before issuing any certification. Put the LPI’s lightning safety expertise to work for you today!

Selected Projects:

  • Triple Island Lightstation, Triple Island, BC
  • Grain Terminal Expansion, North Vancouver, BC
  • Medicine Hat City Hall, Medicine Hat, AB
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